HAM Licensing

Welcome to the world of HAM

If you are new to Amateur Radio and just received your license, congratulations - this is an exciting new hobby. You are in for a fun ride and a great learning experience. We encourage you to keep reading and studying about the equipment and procedures and experiment with antennas and other techniques to further your knowledge and improve your ability to communicate when conditions may not be the best. Helping others is a big part of what Amateur Radio is all about. Volunteering for public service is big in the HAM world. We don't just talk on the radio! HAMs have been vital for years in passing communications messages along when radio is the only means possible. Practicing these skills will be vital to your knowledge of the hobby and will determine how you can benefit the public in the time of need. Join organizations that encourage, teach and practice these skills. There are many to choose from. Our members can help guide you in this effort.