The Mid-South Area Repeater Linking Network is a group of Clubs that link their local repeaters to each other once a month. The linking between the cities is accomplished via Yaesu Wires-X. Each local Wires-X capability is linked to its respective local repeater via an Analog connection. This configuration provides for local FM users and C4FM users to communicate to all repeaters using only their FM or C4FM enabled radios. It is a great way to get to know other HAMS in cities across the Mid-South.


The club is an originating sponsor of the Mid-South Area Repeater Linking Network which connects repeaters in Arlamsas, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The MARL-Net local station is hosted by the 442.800 repeater in Helena. This network uses the Internet and Wires-X to connect all member clubs. This Wires-X hub is connected 24 hours a day to the 442.800 repeater via Analog RF connection and serves as a local connection to this network. There are issues with linking repeaters in this manner and it is highly encouraged that anyone wishing to link first send an email to for further clarification. Repeater hangs and looping can occur if not properly coordinated. Connection logs are maintained and violators will be black-listed from making connections that impact the quality of service we strive to provide.

The MARL-Net holds a directed net each month on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00pm. Participating clubs take turns hosting the net. NCS operators must be trained before calling the net and will receive a certificate of completion after their training is completed.

This is a fun net! We expect that additional clubs in the tri-state area will be added. Other than just being fun, this net also proves that under certain circumstances, the Internet can serve a useful purpose in emergency situations and this is a great exercise in communicating over a larger area. And... we get to meet great new people! Please join us on the fourth Tuesday night of every month at 7pm for the MARL-Net. You can join us on one of the following repeaters:

MARL Participating Clubs Repeater Information

Club/City Frequency Tone Connections
Atoka, TN (Tipton County) 149.49 100.0 C4FM Capable – Wires-X PDN mode, No Wires-X Room
Helena, AR 146.885
91.5, 91.5 C4FM or Wires-X #62438 - N5MIG Room - Analog
C4FM or Wires-X #80796 – Digital Only
Olive Branch, MS 442.800 107.2, 107.2 C4FM or Wires-X #64052 – The Magnolia-Link - Digital Only
MARL-NET HUB Wires-X #64620 - Analog
Olive Branch, MS 147.255 79.7, 79.7 Analog FM linked to the Lewisburg MS repeater
Lewisburg, MS 444.700 107.2, 107.2 Analog FM linked to the Olive Branch 2 meter repeater
West Memphis, AR 444.200 107.2 C4FM or Wires-X #68436
Stuttgart, AR 444.975 91.5 FM, C4FM or Wires-X, linked to the Helena, AR repeater
Wynn, AR TBD TBD C4FM or Wires-X