References - EchoLink


HARC hosts the EchoLink room K5OLV-L. This room is operated by a local member and is always actively connected and can be controlled by any HAM operator. If you connect to another node, please set it back to the K5OLV-L room when finished use.

  • EchoLink - Check out the EchoLink site for more information on Echolink. You can operate EchoLink on a Simplex channel from your own antenna if you desire. Some EchoLink stations like the one operated by HARC is connected to our Craft Road repeater via RF. DO NOT attempt to connect any digital service to a repeater without first asking for and receiving permission by the Repeater's Trustee.
  • Craft Road EchoLink Node - The Craft Road repeater hosts an EchoLink Node #568763. This node is available for public use. You can download an app for your Android or iPhone that will eliminate the need for a radio. You can connect to this node and join our weekly net or the monthly MARL-NET from your phone while out of town or local.