HAM Licensing Questions

How Do I Get Started?

Everyone has questions after getting their license. This is a big hobby with many different areas to pursue. No one knows it all! It's just too big. But I'll bet that if you have gotten this far, you already know the kinds of uses that you would have for Amateur Radio and you are considering how you can achieve your goals in the fastest way possible. Generally, most HAMs have found that there are no real shortcuts, but if anything works, it is study, research, practice and testing. Asking questions of others is a big part of that.

Have questions and need to talk to someone?

Believe me, we all do at one time or another. This site contains information on how to contact our members by email. We don't publish phone numbers for obvious reasons. If a member doesn't want to assist or is unable to, he can ignore the email, but I think you will find that most are very willing to give you the time to assist with your issue. You have an obligation too! And that is to be prepared with a clear and concise question and explain what and why you are trying to do what you want to do. Remember there are a hundred ways to solve an issue in amateur radio. Not everyone knows everything so search out those that have the skills to assist you. Ask who has this skill and can help me over this hump. Someone will point you in the right direction.

Elmering is a big part of HAM radio. You can locate someone willing provide Elmering but you have to take the initiative. This club is a great place to start. Other clubs in the area specialize is different techniques. As an example, there is a Digital Only club in Memphis that focuses on DMR, D-Star and to some extend System Fusion. If your questions are related to these technologies, you might find it helpful to go to a club meeting and SPEAK UP!