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Internet tools

  • - Automatic Packet Reporting System. This link is to the site to help you better understand APRS. website
  • - This link is to the site to help you better understand what APRS is. You might also want to visit the page which shows a near real-time view of how APRS looks in action. Initially, you will have to move the maps to your current location and zoom in to see the details. website
  • - Repeaterbook is Amateur Radio's most comprehensive, worldwide, FREE repeater directory, now supporting GMRS! website
  • - website
  • - This is a highly utilized site used to retrieve public and self-published information about HAM operators via their call-sign. While not owned by the FCC, the site is updated with data about individual amateur radio licenses directly from the FCC database. While accurate, it can take several weeks for changes and new license to appear on QRZ. Note that your public FCC license and data on that license is available on QRZ. Additionally, you can create your own unique biography page and let the HAM community know something about you. website