HAM Licensing Process

HAM Licensing - What to Expect

Now the Learning Begins...

"A very wise Elmer once told me that getting your "ticket" doesn't make you smart and you won't know everything about Ham Radio. In fact, getting the ticket is just a license to learn!... ". I think most Amateur Radio Operators will agree with this. The learning begins when you get your first license and try to put together your first radio station. You will learn more from others than you will from a book. That is why it is critically important to:

  • Join a club. Some members join multiple clubs.
  • Get to know the Club Members that have the same interest as you.
  • Join other groups with special and specific focus like EMCOM or Digital groups.
  • Take advantage if someone offers to help you out. Everyone needs an Elmer!

What to Expect

It is important to recognize that Amateur Radio is a process. No one jumps in and knows everything. Expect to learn over time as mentioned before. If you have a strong interest in talking around the world and to participate in what we call DX events, you can expect that you will be back at step one on this page studying for your General Class license. Technician Class licenses today are limited to the VHF and UHF frequencies and above, the 6-meter band and a small portion of the 10-meter band. 6 and 10 meters are not always available due to propagation issues but you are lucky in that the Solar Cycle is beginning to pick back up after its normal 11 year down cycle. 6 and 10 meters are fun bands when the propagation is right.